9 Days to Christmas with Only Ornaments and ‘For Keepsakes’

only ornaments Christmas by the fire

If you are beginning to panic that there are only 9 days left until Christmas Morning, then I’m sure you are not alone. The old adage ‘Hustle and Bustle’ was not an imaginary thought, not just a statement, but a true rush to get that perfect gift (is there such a thing?). To make that perfect dinner (again, anyone?). Or more importantly, make your children young and old alike feel the magic of Christmas through family traditions, the love, the passion, the joy that goes into that wonderful feeling of Christmas. There are other sides to that story for many people, but this is my story so I’m sticking to it!

This year has brought many changes to my everyday life. If you read my first blog you will understand that I am new to this world of retirement (who am I kidding, I’m as busy or busier then I have ever been). So many new things to learn, this blog included. But an online business, photography, inventories, shipments? And of course, the quirky world of ornaments, keepsakes, treasures and more. I am loving it, juggling it and sometimes struggling with it, but will always be grateful for the opportunity to expand my horizons, learning new things while at the same time, expand my own Christmas Ornament collection for that matter.

Instead of that hustle and bustle, kick back. Take the kids to the movies, or better yet, throw some popcorn on, put on the pj’s and relax. I have read many times and can verify that it is true, it is not what you gave them, but what time you spent with them that matters. Sometimes you just need to slow down, drink hot cocoa and chill. Add some ornaments to your tree, ornaments are guaranteed to make you happy.

Surprisingly enough, sizes, colors, shapes, and so many more variables go into making this online store what I hope it to be. What I hope it will be for all of you is, the place to go, to enjoy, to laugh, to shop, to comment. Because that is the goal, to make this a happy place you enjoy coming to, a place where it is okay not to have the perfect dinner, the perfect gift, the family traditions. If your flying solo, you may just prefer to put on some good music, climb into that bed and just relax. So, do what makes you happy or in some cases what you have to do, but just do it...

In any case, if you are not running out of patience with me and my learning curve, and you keep coming back, I will be here, and will be forever grateful.




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