5 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids for Valentines

Christmas is in the rear view mirror and Valentines is fast approaching. Here are some ideas to enjoy the day, without spending a fortune. 

1. Read to your children, or better yet, have them read to you. Start with books on how to treat animals. Ask them if they could create their own story about their pet, because they need love too!

2. Pull out the old construction paper, paints and glitter. Have them make Valentine Cards for family, friends and maybe for that neighbor that is alone or isn't able to get out. Don't forget the paper chains, or paper hearts in as many pink, purple and reds as you can find. 

3. Ask them who they love and why? You might want to take notes, so you can read them over again in the future.

4. Take a walk at a lake, water front, or park where they can look for heart shaped rocks. Have them write the date and their name on the back as gifts for friends or grandparents. Paint and glitter can be used here.

5. Take all those valuable treasures they just created to the nearest nursing home and let them hand them out to the residents. Both the young and the old will love it. 

What ever you do, enjoy the moment. It doesn't have to break the bank to put a smile on someones face. 

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Have a Happy ❤️...


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