63-Year-Old Starts Online Ornaments Store

Only Ornaments Christmas In The Desert


Welcome to “For Keepsakes," a blog where I hope to bring you a bit of levity and kindness, along with creative ideas that might spark a bit of nostalgia.

It was a year ago about this time my son called me to let me know he had purchased over 150,000 brand new ornaments and they were stored in a warehouse in North Dakota. Naturally, I responded, “What the heck are you up to now?”

You see, my son, he’s always up to some zany idea, and a few times each year he’ll call to let me know. He once donated all his possessions and traveled for three years visiting all 50 United States starting with just $10 and a laptop. But that’s a story for another day.

On this particular day, we talked about me retiring from the working world within the next year, and starting a second act by learning how to run an online eCommerce store.

So here we are... as a bestselling author and new friend, Pamela Slim would say, I’ve escaped cubicle nation. Yay! About three months ago, I officially retired from my job working at a long-term health and rehab facility in Kansas. I packed up my SUV, and I returned to one of my favorite places, the desert. I love the heat. That’s also a story for another day.

Now I’m here in Scottsdale, Arizona running what I hope will become the best place on the internet to get ornaments, holiday gifts, and sentimental keepsakes.

Stay patient with me as I learn this online thing. Before I started this eCommerce store, I hardly went online, other than to keep up with friends and family. Now, I'm learning product photography, search engine optimization, and how to get with online marketing and sales. It's a fun learning process.

I might be retired from the traditional working world, but I'm excited to be learning and playing and making money in a whole new way.

I look forward to helping you decorate for the winter holidays, find gifts for your special occasions, and tap into your creative side as often as possible.



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