9 Days, 9 Ways, To Keep Your Christmas Merry and Bright


With the countdown rushing full ahead to Christmas Day, we wanted to remind you of how you can enjoy these last few days in 9 simple ways. Even the ones filled withed chaos. Come on, give it a try!

1. Spend it with Family, That's number 1 in my world. Decorate a tree, tell stories of Christmas past, eat, laugh, and be merry. No family close by?, find that someone you can sit and talk with, It doesn't have to be a blood relative to feel like family. Enjoy.

2. See a performance of the Nut Cracker or the many Christmas productions at this time of year. Now is the time for the best Holiday plays, or relax and see a movie, on your couch, with lots and lots of popcorn.

3. Snuggle by that fireplace (no explanation needed).

4. Grab a friend and visit Santa, lumps of coal and all. Go ahead; he's not judging. He already knows if you've been naughty or nice.

5. Feeling a little bit lonely? Go and help feed the homeless or take a meal to someone less fortunate.

6. Bake some cookies. I still enjoy baking cookies and Swedish rusks and other Christmas goodies to send the grandkids, even though they are almost all adults themselves now, and live far away. Still warms my heart when my 27-year-old Grandson says, "your packages are always my favorite"!

7. Follow Melvin and Marvin on their next adventure. This time I found them at Bel Tree Farm in Salina, Kansas. It takes a lot of work to build and paint all those candy canes in time for Santa's visit. They wanted to ride the miniature donkeys but ended up riding the four-wheeler instead. Go to the farm; it has a beautiful holiday atmosphere. If you weren't in the Christmas spirit before, you would be by the time you leave. 

8. Drive north, find snow, make a snowman, or maybe a snow angel. Act like a kid again; they'll be plenty of time later for adulting.

9. Light up that Christmas Tree and make those little smiles bright. I can help you decorate your Tree in a beautiful, fun, unique, and economical way. See me at onlyornaments.com, and we will help you get ready for Santa.

See you there,


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