Do you still use Snail Mail? Yea or Nay?

It is National Postal Worker Day, and I myself owe them a big thank you, because Yes, I still use snail mail and a lot of it. 

I enjoy sending cards and notes that say I'm thinking of you and Birthday and Christmas cards and gifts to the kids and grandkids out of state. And though I use text and social media, it's just not the same.

I am probably one of few that carry stamps with me.  You never know when I come across a card that needs to be sent when I'm away from home. 

I once started a sister box because I have 8 of them. Yes, eight sisters. All mine. All from the same mother and father. 3 brothers too, but now back to the sister box. I found a sign in a hardware store years ago that said, I smile because you are my sister; I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it. I thought it would be funny to buy one for each of them. But that idea was soon thwarted (did I say thwarted? Do people still say that?) The man at the counter was baffled as to why I would want 8, and then I was discouraged when he said he did not have that many. At that moment, I thought of what would soon become the sister box. I would buy the 1 sign. I would put it in a box and mail it to the sister whose birthday would come next. That sister would then be responsible for sending it to the sister with the birthday after theirs. Eventually, that box was full of gifts, candy, notes, jokes and eventually became so heavy we had to add an envelope with money to assist in the postage. :0  One sister started a diary named my name is Dixie, and you are family. It became a much more interesting box after that. It has been a fun and sometimes surprising adventure to see what might arrive; what story or memory would we find? Pictures of their families growing up way too fast. 

Several of those sisters are now gone from this earth, but we still include them in our hearts and minds when that box travels. I miss them, and I will sometimes send a note to the others saying how much I miss them all. 

Now, if we could only do something about junk mail...  

Thank a postal worker today; they work hard.


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