Would you like Bows with that?

There is nothing better than a Christmas morning. With the Christmas Tree all aglow from the lights sparkling off the vintage ornaments, Christmas carols playing, the cinnamon rolls baking... but Melvin and Marvins favorite? That would have to be Santa's packages, all wrapped up with ribbons and bows.  

Melvin and Marvin are all about the ornaments, trees, ribbons and bows. They love the holidays, and (only) ornaments are very near and dear to their hearts. Always into mischief, their favorite is decorating the tree, complete with wrapped packages beneath. Racing each other to the top to see which one gets to place the Star.  They don't always agree on who made it first, but they can always agree they don't want anyone missing out on their favorite experience,

So their suggestion is to look at only ornaments website for low-cost bows, ornaments, decorating ideas, keepsakes, and more. When the tree is perfect, it is on to the packages. As you can see, they often get tangled in the ribbons and bows. (Sometimes their mischievousness gets the best of them). Looks like Melvin has Marvin right where he want's him. "Would you like Bows with that?"



So go ahead, wrap it up, people, and get your favorite decorating ideas on!


Enjoying the preparation,

pk with Melvin and Marvin, of course.


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