5 Egg-cellent Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Children Coloring Easter Eggs

Looking for some Easter egg hunt inspiration?

I've got you covered!

This Sunday is sure to be an eggstravaganza all around the world as children and adults set out to see just how many Easter eggs they can find. Whether you'll be in your own backyard, at grandma's house, or a park nearby it's sure to be a fun-filled adventure and friendly competition. 

My kids and grandkids probably believe they are too old to be digging around in bushes, trees, and anywhere one can hide a brightly colored hard-boiled egg, but I say, Easter egg hunting is fun for the whole family no matter your age so let's all get out there and enjoy ourselves one more time. 

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Here are five inspirational ideas to create the most egg-cellent Easter egg hunt. Enjoy!

1. Word Hunt

Easter Text Blocks

Instead of simply collecting as many eggs as possible, turn it into an educational experience by creating a word hunt. Create a list of Easter-related words and write a letter on each egg so the children have to find the eggs with the letters they need to spell the words you want them to learn. 

2. Treasure Hunt


The kids are already hunting the eggs. Add one more layer of fun by creating a puzzle treasure map drawing of your backyard where the eggs are located. Then, cut up the map into puzzle pieces that have to be put together first before the hunt begins. Then the kids can set out with a map to find their treasure. 

3. Color-Coded Hunt

Colored Easter Eggs

You may have older kids that often end up with all the loot when the hunt is over. To prevent this from happening, consider creating an equal number of colored eggs and each participant has to find one of each color. That way no kid is left holding an empty basket, while another has eggs stacked a mile high.

4. Scavenger Hunt

 Young Child Looking Through Magnifying Glass

You don't have to hide only eggs. Turn this mad dash into a full-blown scavenger hunt. Create a scavenger list, divide into teams, and the first group to find one of each item is the winner!

5. Relay-Race Hunt

Kids Running Enjoying Summer

Keeping with the team theme, turn your Easter egg hunt into a tag-team challenge. For this one, write silly activities on pieces of paper and place them inside your plastic eggs. Then, divide up into teams and send one person out at a time to find one egg. They bring the egg back, open it up, and perform the silly task written inside. They tag a teammate and you rinse and repeat until all the silly activities have been performed. 

Whatever hunt you choose, be sure to enjoy the company of your friends and family. From my family to yours, have a wonderful Easter Sunday.

Happy Hunting!

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