Even if we are Social Distancing, it's still St. Patrick's Day

Tradition says get out and celebrate St. Patricks Day. The current pandemic says, stay inside and self distance. When there is a holiday typically celebrated with many people, in a very close, crowed bar with lots of green beer, this year, 2020, is going to bring an extraordinary different celebration.

That doesn't mean this holiday cannot be enjoyed and spent with friends, even if that means celebrating with just social media. At a time when everyone is second-guessing if we spend too much time on social media, and not enough direct, one on one time with the people we love, today, that social media is coming in handy. During this time,  in the face of this coronavirus fear, we are finding that this same questionable social media and even old fashioned communication is going to help us get through it. This is the way I see it being used today.

I find people standing outside the window of the care facility looking thru at their family members, talking on the phone to assure them everything will be okay and that they are not alone. They are celebrating birthday's over Face Time, Calling old friends and catching up with all the news they have missed while living their busy lives. They are calling there parents and leaving notes under the doors of an older person that lives in the same building to make sure they know someone is thinking of them, someone that can pick up those medications and yes, find them some toilet paper. These things seem old fashioned, and yet, very much needed right now. 

There are also things that you can do with family members of which you are currently self-quarantined. Take a long drive to those State Parks (check first to find which ones are still open) that you have always wanted to visit, take a hike, a walk, have a picnic indoors or out. Go to the park, find that four-leaf clover, because tradition says, if you do, you'll experience amazing luck. And we could all use a little bit of luck right now.

Wishing you a Pot of Gold, and all the Joy your Heart can hold.




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