Fall is here, Happy Halloween Ya'all



You can feel the change in the air when you step outside. There is more chance for clouds when you look up to the sky. That cool-down period between the sweltering temperatures of summer and that ahhh take in a deep breath, fall is in the air.

Crisp air, the falling of leaves, you can rake every day, but there they still are. My dog Gypsy, she loves to do a running dive into that pile of leaves that took hours to collect. My kids used to love doing that too, at least until they found out that,  1. Leaves are itchy, and 2. Now the culprit has to rake them up again.

 But what kids love most about fall (and if they admit it, most adults too) is not pumpkin spice everything, but Halloween itself. The picking out and carving of the pumpkins, the movies. Scream, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Ghostbusters, Carrie, It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. The little kids dressing up as their favorite hero, cartoon character, villain, monster, cutest bumblebee (admit it those babies are adorable even when we know the parents are going to eat all the candy). The big kids that hey, no surprise, want free candy. That might irritate some, but I enjoy seeing them out here and face it, they could be out doing something so much worse, so please, give them candy.

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