For Valentines, show some Love and Kindness

There has been an awareness for Love and Kindness is the World recently, and what better time then Valentines to acknowledge that everyone needs a little tender loving care?. Hugs and kisses have been difficult during the Covid Pandemic, and it has taken its toll on some. They miss the interaction and friendships with both friends and family, and are anxious to be connected once again.

If you know someone that feels like this, someone that lives alone, or is extremely lonely, does not have the ability to get out on their own, or would just appreciate someone checking on them, here are a few easy ways to let them know they haven't been forgotten.

                       Drop a notecard saying they have been on your mind.

                       Ask them if they need any groceries.

                       Help them make, or take them to an appointment.

                       Help them with meals.

                       Take them on a drive, or to the park for a walk. 

Or just stop by and say Hi. Sometimes all it takes is a friendly smile to make all the difference in someones day.

Show some love,


If you want to add an economical fun gift, check out for Kiss Me Quick lips with a notecard and let them know they are on your mind.

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