From Alaska to Only Ornaments, Nature’s Best Bears


 Hey all, I just got off the phone with my son Greg. He was telling me about his hike through beautiful, Juneau, Alaska and the fantastic wildlife he had seen. He sent me this photo that he took while in a remote, scenic area he enjoyed.

My first thought, Bears are amazing magnificent creatures, but is my son to close for comfort?. My second thought was, If you looking for a gift for your favorite Bear lover, then you've come to the right place. With so many available, try any of the following to find the one that fits you best. Don't forget to check out the cool Polar Bears and more at Only Ornaments. We will not disappoint.  Here are 10 more wonderful gift ideas any Bear lover will love.

Let's kick it off with every Bear lover's favorite candy, Gummy Bears. They may not be good for your teeth, and if you eat too many of them they may not be good for your belly, but I think we can all agree gummy bears are just the right mix of chewy, flavorful candy.

By the way, did you know Gummy Bears were invented by a German candy maker Hans Riegel in 1922? If you've eaten Haribo gummy bears you've had the original.

According to ZOMG Candy, which let's face it, is the definitive website on candy, after nearly 100 years, Haribo is still the number one best-tasting gummy bear in the world

Of course, you can pick up a package of gummy bears just about anywhere, including right here on Amazon. But, if you want to go for the gusto, you may want to buy the world's largest gummy bear weighing in at a whopping 26 pounds. Wow!

All Bear lovers love a great Teddy as in the very famous Teddy Bear. You have huggable teddy bears, stuffed teddy bears, the Teddy you win at the county fair. These days, maybe the most popular comes from Vermont Teddy Bear. They have a wide selection for all ages. 

This "Little Me" dinosaur Teddy Bear is so cute

If you're looking for the classic county fair teddy bear, consider this jumbo teddy bear from Lord & Taylor

This crochet Midi Teddy is for the sophisticated Teddy Bear lover. It looks like it's headed to a get a croissant in Paris

 And don’t forget Build-A-Bear Workshop, Chicago Bears, Black Bears, Bernstein Bears, and Yogi Bear. 

We have over a dozen different Bear ornaments and gifts in our store. We don't know exactly how many Bear lovers there are out there, but if how popular our Bear collection is any indicator, there are a lot, and we hope you get enjoyment out of any one of these selections.

Thanks for being with us today!


P.S. Did you know polar bears are actually black, not white? 


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