Listen to Melvin and Marvin, It's Spring, Play Ball!!

Spring is in the air. The season brings with it, sports, games, training camps, and beautiful days on the golf course. 
Enjoy Baseball spring training in February and March, then comes the regular season from late March to October. Soccer Season is March through October, with some High school soccer late August to early September, but in Australia, it starts mid-October and ends in April. Golf follows right behind from April to October with, with preseason running January to March. Don't miss the PGA Tour Championship that has been an annual event since 1929. The tour runs from August 27 - August 30.
Last but not least, you have Basketball Season, which started in October and will end Aril 15th, 2020, with 82 games played. Now, that's a lot of ball. According to The Top Tens list of Best Ball Players Ever, here they are.
Baseball: Roger Clemmens
Soccer: Lionel Messi
Golf: Tiger Woods, though he hasn't eclipsed Jack Nicklaus' record for most major victories.
Basketball: Michael Jordan 
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