Jack Was Never A Weasel Was He?

I feel like Christmas in July 2020 should come with its own joker. Its been that kind of year.  Maybe it's because the first two digits and the second two digits match, happening only once a century. Maybe because 2020 is a leap year. Maybe its because there are so many unusual events happening like a global pandemic is first to come to mind.

I think maybe 2020 needs a little humor, a little joker. If you're feeling the same way, check out our Classic Jack-In-The-Box ornaments. Choose from three wild designs, or, our Pop goes the weasel version of Santa, Snowman, and Teddy Bear. 

Nostalgic memories of your children squealing with joy, each time, every time that box opens. But I'm wondering why did they always play 'pop goes the weasel'? Jack was never a weasel, was he? 





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