Kiss me quick, we're in the middle of a Pandemic!

Reality 2021 is messing with the matters of the heart. Seems as if isolation, masks, and quarantine have definitely put a damper on our happiness and romance. Maybe you have a wild imagination and have been finding ways to keep yourself and your family entertained. If not try one or all of these. 

1. Stay-at-home date nights start with cooking a dinner together. 

2. You can never go wrong with candle light, flowers and chocolate covered strawberries. 

3. On line dancing lessons.

4. On line cooking lessons, try something new.

5. Try making your own Valentines, Easter, or Spring is here cards and surprise your neighbors with them.

6. Make dinner for someone that is having a harder time than you. 

What ever you choose, make the most of it and have fun.  And if you're looking to put a smile on someones face, take a look at our Kiss me Quick Glitter Red or Hot Pink Lips with a Heartfelt Note Card. Let that special someone know how you feel about them.

As with all things, this won't last forever. 

Stay safe, 


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