National for Twelves Day. Yeah! It's a thing.

The National Calendar reports that today is National Twelves Day. Did you realize how many things come in twelves?. There are, of course, 12 months in a year. We measure our days in 12-hour sets. When we buy roses, when we buy eggs, we purchase them in 12's. 

But Twelves Day holds more significance for me in a very personal way. I was born the twelfth child in a family of 12. It was a crazy, huge family of constant chaos, but we didn't know it most of the time (who knew that wasn't normal)?.

There were nine girls, nine, which must have been a nightmare of my dad and 3 brothers, not to mention my mom. We picked beans, berries and did everything possible to help feed, clothe and help the family survive. A special shout out to my sister Margaret, who spent so much of her life taking care of all the rest of us. She is the best! We actually sign off on letters, notes, and phone calls with the number representing what sibling we are. So I have to ask. What's your number?

Pk, #12, TLO (the last one). I am Patti, and you are family.


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