National Siblings Day. Yes, it's really a thing!

California is the lone hold out to National Sibling Day. That's an unusual twist to an unusual, but not yet National holiday. According to, forty-nine States have recognized Siblings Day. There are groups today working on making it a Federal Holiday. National Siblings Day was actually started as a way to honor brothers and sisters who had passed away at an early age. It is now celebrated by the majority of the United States and around the world.

I am the youngest sibling of a very large family. The day I was born there were already eight sisters and three brothers in my immediate family. The boys were drastically outnumbered, and even more so when my brother Billy passed away at a young age. I was always glad that his memory was kept alive in the hearts and stories of my older siblings and though I never met him, I felt as if I did. My sister(s) Nancy, Mary, and Dixie Dawn, whom I loved dearly, all left us much too soon. Does the size of this family make me an expert on siblings? I'm not sure, but this is what I do know:

It is said the words that best describe a sibling relationship are: Best friends, love, support,  arguments, adventure, bullying, (boy, do I have stories) fun, laughter, love-hate relationship, and inside jokes. There is so much more. So much you can't describe. Siblings are one of the first relationships you will ever have, hold them near and dear to your heart. Because sometimes they are gone too soon. Honor your siblings by listing favorite memories, giving a gift (see our website for dozens of ornaments that will remind you of your siblings), listing the things you love most about each one. Due to the number of siblings I have, this will take me a long time, I better get started. See you around,



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