Social Distancing with Melvin and Marvin

A New Pandemic, A New Vocabulary, Education, Not Fear is the Key. Essential workers, (those on the front lines such as healthcare workers, grocery, sanitation, and those that must continue to work through this pandemic) Social distancing, (The practice of staying 6 feet away from other people to reduce the spread of the virus), Self-quarantine, (Isolating yourself from others until it is considered safe to return to public life) Flattening the curve, (An attempt to slow the spread of and prevent a dramatic increase in the number of infected individuals), Stay at home orders (a self-explanatory order that has been given by the Governors of each of the United States. With the exception of the essential workers, or the need for groceries, medication, exercise or gas, just stay home).  A new Pandemic brings with it a New Vocabulary. These words can be frightening but important to know and understand. How can we be expected to follow these demands, suggestions, and orders if we don't understand what they mean? It's essential to educate yourself, so you can keep yourself and others safe with knowledge and not fear, during this Coronavirus Pandemic.
 This is the first time since the great depression that certain store shelves are empty, families are lining up for free groceries as they no longer have a paycheck.  With the forced closure of non-essential businesses more than sixteen million people have applied for unemployment. Schools and churches have closed. Hospitals are mainly only seeing those with the virus, or those absolutely too sick to stay home. There are no elective surgeries and no families staying with the sick for fear of spreading the virus further. 
If there is good news to come from this, it is that we are going back to a time when dinner is homemade and around the table, board games are being played and books are being read. Families are taking walks and we have a break from the normal daily living. We have paused our normal, hectic lifestyles (even though it was forced upon us), and are now spending our time on what is most important in our lives, the safety of our families. My daughter called it a time to reset, a time to take a pause. Pollution is at an all-time low. Certainly, the air has cleared in many of the largest cities in the world, where until this horrible disease reared its ugly head, the clear blue skies have not been seen in a very long time. 
Because of this Covid-19 and the death and destruction it has left in its wake, I had stopped posting our Vintage Christmas Ornaments, Keepsakes, and other delightful gifts. I thought now is not the time, but then I began to think that now is definitely the time. It is the very right time to post something people can enjoy again. Something, anything that is not coronavirus related, something that can put a smile on your face and make your heart happy. Its the exact right time for ornaments. It's a time to let mother earth heal, reset, and come back better than ever. It's exactly the right time. Only Ornaments is following all the safety protocols and will continue to ship your orders. So go ahead and enjoy this little piece of happiness and remember, wear a mask when necessary, keep your distance, and please, please wash your hand's people, 

Stay safe,



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