Reel ‘em In

Fishing is like life, some days are great and your basket is full. Some days, not so much, and you come up empty-handed. 

I have many wonderful memories of growing up camping, fishing, and hiking. This magical place called Frog Lake, in the scenic state of Oregon just South of Mt. Hood. A beautiful, picturesque, campground where we were fortunate enough to spend a lot of family time, did I mention it's a  large family? We would meet for the weekend, brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, and we would just go out and meet mother nature. 

I remember the excitement and frustration of my brothers and brothers-in-law when at first they hooked the evening meal. I will never forget the taste of the trout rubbed with butter, bacon on the inside, a little lemon juice squirted on for good measure wrapped in tinfoil and placed under the glowing coals of the campfire. They were so competitive, those brothers, in who caught the most, who's was the largest fish, and oh the many stories of that fish that got away. Then the frustration of not reeling any fish in at all... well the frustration probably had a lot to do with having to take us out on the water (so grateful that they did), teaching us to fish, with the never-ending hope that we would be quiet and not scare away every fish in the lake. I don't know if we believed fish could hear, maybe that's why we wouldn't be quiet, okay, that's probably not the real reason. Did I mention there were a lot of us?.  

When they would give up fishing, there would be hikes to take, sometimes walking around the lake, other campers to visit and that end of the night marshmallow roast or later, the ever popular campfire s'mores (Having been named for a frequent request for some more!.) Check out Campfire Smores and how to make them at Remember there is no wrong way. These are great memories that make me anxious to go back and make more.

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