Ring in the Bells: 10 Bells of 2019


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According to Wikipedia, the earliest archaeological evidence of bells dates from the 3rd millennium BC. Still widespread and just as important in 2019, let's look at some of those famous bells of today. 

Barbells, For the ultimate tool for building strength, power, and speed. Go to www.mindtomusclefitness.com/types-of-barbells/ for a list of the 15 most unusual barbells on the market.

Doorbells, Now there was a brilliant invention. Rare is the home or business that is without one. Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqoGORXAv2o scary and enlightening at the same time.

Taco Bell, wait, isn’t it Tuesday? Don’t forget to head on down for a free taco every week with T-Mobile Tuesday’s app. Read the blog “Glen Bell is his name and tacos are his game” read the article on “Meet the Man Behind The Bell” and find out how he embodied the work hard, play hard mentality that took us from hamburgers to the taco. His legacy employees, more than 220,000 workers, serving billions of people worldwide. https://www.tacobell.com

Last year Americans ate over 4.5 Billion tacos. Now, that's a lot of tacos. Check out www.nationaltacoday.com


Alexander Graham Bell, probably the most famous Bell in my day, which in today’s world would probably be replaced by Taco Bell, was a Scottish-born American inventor, scientist, and teacher of the deaf. Growing up with a  mother almost deaf and a father who taught elocution to the deaf, his most notable achievement is the invention of the telephone, which is said to be the most valuable Patent in history. https://www.britannica.com/biography/Alexander-Graham-Bell


Bells Christmas Tree Farm, Accord, New York and Bel Christmas Tree Farm in Salina, Kansas. Maybe because I sell Christmas Ornaments, this one was nearest and dearest to my heart. Or perhaps just because there is nothing more magical than a Christmas Tree, with a logo like ‘Creating Warm Memories on Cold Days,’ how can you go wrong? bellschristmastrees.com/


Jingle Bell Song. Originated in 1857, no doubt the most sung winter song 162 years later, standing the test of time.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2uvtl-1V70 

School Bell, What every school-age child hopes to hear ringing at the end of the school day. 

 Hand Bell, Dinner Bell, Call Bells, Shop keepers Bell, formerly for calling farmers in for a meal, now mainly used for musical entertainment and to advise a shop keeper that may be in the back working on inventory, that he has a customer.



 Cat and Dog Bells for your favorite fur animal

 Bell Bottoms (Comfy stretchy Bell bottom Flare Pants) I believe they are popular once again. 

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