Spring forward, Fall back. We got this, but why?

And more importantly. why do we keep asking why? The why can be seen below, but the necessity of moving that clock dial in the spring and fall is still in question. 

1. The number one reason for Daylight Saving Time was to make better use of daylight. 

2. This twice-yearly shift saves energy by a small but significant amount, because less electricity is being used for appliances and lighting.

3. Credited with reducing crime, because it allows for more activity in the daylight, so less opportunity for criminals.

3. "Summer Time" as it is called in some places, was mentioned as far back as 1784.

4. It is not usually helpful in the tropics or any country that is near the equator, where they already have an abundance of daylight. 

5. In 1976 a poll was conducted that showed that a large percent of people liked Daylight savings time because there was more of the long summer evenings they enjoyed so much. But in 2021, people seemed to be more perturbed by the fact moving your clock an hour one way or the other, is just a bother.

6. It is a great way to remember to change the batteries in your smoke alarms every 6 months. You won't even need a calendar for this one. 

7. if you don't do it, you will be late to work! 

First of all the correct spelling is Daylight Saving Time, not Savings Time, but if you need more details check out webexhibits.org. Or forget the time, and visit onlyornaments.com we are open 24/7 on the web. In the mean time, do what Springy Santa and Snowman do. Spring Forward, Fall Back. Or move to the tropics, Arizona or Hawaii, and don't bother with the clock at all. 

Now that sounds heavenly to me!


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