The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

The tales behind this popular holiday tradition started in 280 A.D. Three very poor sisters left their stockings drying over the fireplace on Christmas Eve and St. Nick, knowing how poor they were, threw three bags of gold coins down the chimney. Those coins are said to have landed in the stockings.

This led to our current custom of children hanging stockings on the fireplace, in hopes that Santa will fill them with their favorite treats. By the way, the oranges we put in the stockings today are representative of those gold coins.

Did you know that there is even debate on which direction the toe of the Christmas stocking should be pointed? 95% believe it should point to the right... I personally believe that Santa doesn’t care and that he will leave you yummy treats anyway.

Naughty or Nice? Didn’t deserve a gift this year? In that case, Santa will leave you a lump of coal as a reminder of how you may have behaved last year, and to encourage better behavior of you next year.

Stockings put a smile on the faces of adults and children alike. Liven up your fireplace, you’ll be glad you did.


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