Valentines and the Many Traditions Around the World

I read today ‘Coffee is my Valentine’. It made me laugh then it made me wonder how people will be celebrating today, the declared day of love.

Should there be a special day to love someone? Celebrated with Gifts, Surprises, Chocolate, Balloons, Candy Hearts and romantic nights out, why not? Go someone.

Valentines is also celebrated with the Feast of Saint Valentine, said to have originated as a Western Christian Feast honoring Saints. Saint Valentine of course, but the Portuguese celebrate Saint Anthony, the marriage and match making Saint. In Japan girls give two types of chocolates. One to friends, another to express love. The Philippines celebrate with large group weddings. A Roman Festival Lupercalia celebrates the start of springtime. Denmark celebrates with Snowdrops, a white flower. They might also give a card or ‘joke letter’ This letter is unsigned and only marked with dots. One dot for each letter of the authors name. If the woman guesses correctly who sent her this letter, she may also get an Easter Egg that year. 

Will you be my Valentine? Means you are a asking the one you love the most, to be loved by you forever. Dedicated for Love, Valentines can be dedicated to any special person in your life.

February 14, any year, every year. How do we begin? There are so many different ways to celebrate, so many different traditions, so many different theories on how this day equals love. Let me know your story. 

 Always, Pk


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