Vintage Christmas Ornaments make Unforgettable Traditions.


 When I think of vintage ornaments I think back to when I was very small, when finding and decorating our family Christmas Tree was the best tradition you could hope for. We did not have much, but when Christmas came around we felt like we had it all, because we thought that we had the most beautiful tree anyone could ever imagine.

 All bundled up, we would pile up in the back of Dad's old pickup and drive out to our grandparent's farm. Once there we would jump, frozen from the wind and cold, and hike deep into the forest of trees. We would search each and every tree, looking for that perfect size and shape. Of course, there were no perfect trees, but we loved being the one that was closest to finding the one.

Hours later, we would decide upon and chop down the chosen tree. We would drag it back to the farmhouse and tie it to the top of the truck. We would then enjoy freshly baked cookies along with the best cup of hot chocolate any kid could ever ask for. 

We were so tired when we got that tree home, but not too tired to build a stand and get it leaning upright. Not too tired to begin decorating the perfect tree that only got better with every vintage ornament we placed on it. Those kinds of trees, those are the best kind of traditions that any family could ask for. 

I hope you find the perfect tree. 


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