What’s in your (Ornament) Collection?

Now that Christmas is over, are you the person that already put away your tree, ornaments and Holiday decor? Or are you the type of person that leaves everything up way past New Years? Whichever category you fit into, one thing is for sure. It is NOT the time to forget about Only Ornaments keepsakes and Christmas tree ornaments. 

How many people do you know that got married this year? All new couples begin collecting ornaments in their first year, but it takes many years to complete a collection. Think about how your ornament collection got started and how long ago that may have been. 

Many people (like me :) add an ornament or two each year. Going to a wedding? Valentines? Do you know a 2019  graduate? Does someone have an anniversary? New Years Eve Party? And how many baby showers will you go to in the coming new year? Even a birthday is a good time for an ornament of celebration.  And don’t forget the Valentine, Easter and Spring Keepsakes.

Visit us all year, we’d love to see you here !!!

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