Precious Cowboy-Themed Shadow Box Picture Frame Display Case (FREE Shipping)

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For Your Favorite Bronco Buster

Shop this precious one-of-a-kind cowboy-themed shadow box which includes a metal hanging "cowboy", rope handle, and bucking bronco. 

All you need is a photo of your favorite cowboy (or cowgirl)!


  • 15 inches x 12 inches wood shadow box front-opening display case enclosed with magnets. 
  • Unique metal hanging "cowboy" with hat, scarf, vest, chaps, and boots.
  • Metal rope handle.
  • Bucking bronco with a mini cowboy.
  • Metal clasp for a photo.


  • Photo in image not included.
  • Any photo 11 inches x 14 inches or smaller will fit in the display.

🐎 Ride 'Em, Cowboy! 🐎